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Water Backflow Prevention

Water Backflow DiagramThe City of Hesston is required to protect the public water supply system from contamination due to cross connections. In doing so, city code requires the use of a backflow prevention device on low-volume and high-volume cross-connections.

During the period of May 1st to July 1st each address that is connected to the City of Hesston public water system and using an irrigation system to water their lawn and landscaped areas is required to have a backflow prevention device installed and certified with a copy of the certification provided to the city for record. This is annual certification must be renewed by July 1st each year.

Backflow Device Test report (pdf) to be filled out by a certified backflow prevention technician.
Ordinance: 110-1991-055

City water pressure runs between 60 to 68 psi generated by a 50,000 gallon water tower.

Below is a list of people who may hold a certification in backflow prevention.
Please verify that their employee's still hold a current backflow prevention certification before using them.
To verify you may call City Hall at (620) 327-4412.

Driers Lawn Irrigation LLC
Matthew G Dreier
525 N Lancaster Ave, Hesston KS 67062
(620) 327-2371 | DreiersLawn@gmail.com | www.DreiersLawn.com

Daniel "Dan" P Spare
Hesston KS 67062
(620) 951-4826

Absolute Irrigation LLC
John S Schmeling
1005 Fairfield Ave # 4627, Newton KS 67062
(316) 200-9712

Kansas Backflow Testing
Dan Ade
Cody Ade
146 S 3rd St, Salina KS 67401
(785) 822-5040 | www.KansasBackflow.com/Salina

Wetlands Irrigation & Turf LLC
Tyler A Peterson
2095 Industrial Dr, Galva KS 67443
(620) 242-4607 | www.WetlandsIrrigationLLC.com

Prairie Landworks Inc
Austin Morgan
905 N Vanguard St, McPherson KS 67460
Mobile: (620) 755-0147 | Desk: (620) 504-6176

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