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Wastewater Treatment

Hesston's current wastewater treatment plant was originally constructed in 1980 and was upgraded in 2015. The plant and all sewer lift stations are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We utilize one full time operator with a backup to operate the plant. 
Our plant has a maximum capacity of 1.3 million gallons a day, but typically treats between 370,000 to 430,000 gallons a day. The City maintains roughly 26 to 27 miles of sewer mains with 9 lift stations.

Our treatment plant consists of the following.
  1. Headworks: In this area large objects such as rags, sticks, stones, and Grit is removed from the wastewater. We also measure the flow into the plant here.
  2. Aeration Basin: This is the heart of our treatment facility. In this area air is introduced to the wastewater to promote a biological process of breaking down the solids. 
  3. Final Clarifiers: We use two thirty-five foot diameter clarifiers. These clarifiers allow any solids or sludge in the water, which contain bacteria, to settle to the bottom.
  4. Solids/Sludge Handling: Most of the sludge is introduced back into the Aeration Basin to promote the breaking down of the solids using the bacteria it contains. A small amount of sludge is sent to a storage area where any liquid remaining is removed. The sludge is then shipped to a landfill.
  5. Ultraviolet (UV) Light: All water exiting the plant is passed through an Ultraviolet (UV) Light to make it safe for the environment. From this point water is sent to Middle Emma Creek under permit from Kansas Department of Health and Environment. It is also diverted to the Hesston Golf Course for watering the greens as needed.

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