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Lead & Copper Inventory Survey

Water Pipe Examples
Help us comply with the state mandate
by filling out this survey, you are helping our community comply with new state, and federal drinking water regulations. If you have questions please call: Chad Mason, Public Works Superintendent, (620) 217-1258.

Identifying Your Service Line Material
Types of Water Pipes
Step 1
  • Locate the water line entering the building. Find the pipe where it comes through the floor or wall. This is usually in the basement or lowest floor of your house or building where the main water shut-off valve is.
Step 2
  • Look for threads at the connections
  • Scratch pipe with a coin or key to reveal the metal. You may need to scratch through corrosion or paint. Lead is soft and scratches easily.
  • See if a kitchen magnet sticks to the pipe. Even a very strong magnet will not stick to a lead pipe.
Step 3
  • Please fill out the below survey and submit.

Customer Information

Water Service Pipe (outside building)

Internal Water Pipes (inside building)

Water Treatment Device

You will be entered in the drawing for free utilities after we receive your survey.
(City of Hesston employees and businesses not eligible.)
Thank You for your participation.