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All of Hesston KS

Hesston Golf Course

Golf Players
One of the premier 18 hole golf courses in the region. Far from your typical municipal daily-fee golf experience. Offering immaculate playing conditions, GPS equipped golf carts, a full-service golf shop, food, a practice facility equipped with an Indoor Learning Center and V1 Swing Analysis Software. This course is immaculate and stands above the rest.

Find out more and book a tee time at:
HesstonGolf.com or visit us at 520 Yost Dr, Hesston.     Facebook logo

Golf Patio
Outside Patio
Golf Display Shelf
Shoes & Miscellaneous
Golf Shirt and Hat rack
Shirts, Hats, and Bags
Club House Dining Table
Indoor Dining

         Hesston Golf Course 2023 - A look back and forward!         
Rent our Fairway Event Center here.
Hesston Event Center - Inside

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